Orange Slices Dipped In Chocolate

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Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices


Dipping fruit into chocolate is nothing new, but this is the first time we've done orange slices. Over the weekend, we usually get snacky, and want something sweet. So, after looking in the fridge, we found chocolate and oranges. Now what can we do with this? After thinking a few moments, we remembered that strawberries are dipped in chocolate. Well, let's do orange slices!

 So my sister got out the pans, chocolate, oranges, sugar, etc. This is so easy to do, anyone can make it and they're ready to eat in a short time. We didn't think till later that we could freeze them! Maybe next time.

Melting the Chocolate

All you need are some oranges, peeled. Melt some chocolate bars in a double boiler or over low heat, stirring constantly, until melted. If the bars are already sweetened, you don't need to add extra sugar. Then dip about half of each slice into the melted chocolate and place on a plate. Do this until all the slices are used.

We've used baking chocolate also, but always add sugar. Sometimes butter and milk, to make it fudgy. It depends on what we have on hand, also. If we don't have something, we find a substitute or do without it. Keeps things interesting, for sure.

If you decide to try this or have another suggestion, leave a comment and/or picture.