How To Make Coconut Oil

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fresh coconut oil

How to Make Coconut Oil

Have you ever wondered how coconut oil is made?  I found lots of information and it’s a pretty simple process. It just takes awhile to make if you’re doing more than a couple coconuts.

I started with 2 coconuts to begin with, and then I tried 10 at a time. That takes a lot longer because there’s more liquid so I won’t be doing that too often!

You could just order it online but knowing you can make it yourself is satisfying. All you need is a coconut, strainer, a juicer or blender, a pan and some water.

There’s at least 3 ways to make coconut oil:

Wet Milling


Heat Process

The one that I use is by the heating process.

This is how we do it:

1. Using a hammer, hit the coconut until it starts to crack. Be ready to catch the coconut water in a bowl. Then we start tapping all around the shell to loosen the meat. Now take a sturdy knife and pry loose the coconut meat and put into a bowl. When you’re done, rinse the coconut with water to get off any dirt and loose fibers.


2. For each coconut use about 1 1/2 C. of water in a blender. Don’t add too many at a time so it doesn’t bog down your blender. Then strain the mixture through a cloth strainer, squeezing to get all the milk out that you can. Place the shreds into a container to be dried out later.

straining coconut milk

The dried shreds can be used to make flour, breads, pancakes etc. or sprinkle some on your salads.

coconut shreds

3. When you have all the milk done, pour it into a pan to heat on the stove. We want to bring it to a boil and then simmer. This evaporates the water. The milk gets thick and mushy and the oil separates. This may take up to an hour depending on how many coconuts you processed and how much oil is in the coconut. And your kitchen smells good!

making coconut oil

4. Wash your jar  and boil it for 5 min. to make sure it’s sterilized. When you have quite a bit of oil, you can start skimming some out into a clean glass jar.

5. Continue cooking until the milk mush is turning brown but don’t burn it, until there’s very little oil left in the pan. This leftover stuff is used as a crunchy sweet topping on ice cream, or just eat by itself. Don’t eat too much or you’ll feel sick.