Thanksgiving Decorating 2015

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pumpkin pie
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Time to add new life to your Thanksgiving decor? Pilgrim hats and paper turkeys can be a favorite for the kids. We made paper chains, and trees, and other things that I’ve forgotten about. So I did a little research on the web and found some really cool crafts for the kids this year. You can enjoy watching and/or helping your kids make their decorations, maybe for the first time. So bring out that camera!

Now, what about for the older “kids”? Well, there’s some stylish ideas that are absolutely amazing from a country theme to more style. A lot of families have traditional decorations also. Try mixing a bit of the tradiitonal with something new.


Decorating the table

When it comes to decorating the table for that special feast, you want it to be special. The memories will last a lifetime. The colors and settings you use will set the tone and mood, informal or formal.

thanksgiving table
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Some people prefer a more casual setting. My grandparents were very informal and always had a separate table for the kids. Kids can help decorate their table with placemats, nametags, flowers, napkins and whatever they can think of. I recently found a lot of ideas here.

A really nice idea is to make utensil holders with cute sayings. These would be easy to make and fun for your guests. They’re free printables that are easy to put together.

The Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving is about families getting together and being thankful for lots of things. Decorating a table for the kids is something they can help with and create lasting memories for years to come. Your kids may already have lots of ideas but if you would like some more, there’s some really cute ones on Better Homes & Gardens.

For most projects, you can find things around the house that you already have on hand. Some items you will need are glue, scissors, and various art supplies.